Pro Add-on: Signature Capture

Electronic signature capture is a “must have” in today’s environment. Sign pads capture signatures from charge customers electronically at point of sale, and are stored permanently on that invoice. Here’s a little more info on signature capture:

When billing a charge invoice, the signature pad will light up and prompt the customer for a signature. Once completed, the invoice will finalize, and that signature is permanently stored with that invoice. It comes out on the original print, every reprint, and every email that goes out. If it’s 6 days or 6 months later, it doesn’t matter – you can always reprint a signed copy of that invoice.


There are two options on every account – “Email Invoices” will send them a copy of the signed invoice at the time of the sale. They’ll have it before they walk out the door. “Include Invoices with Statement” will do just that – include a copy of all tickets throughout the month along with their statement – whether they’re printed or emailed.

Signature capture, along with emailing invoices and statements, is part of a “paperless office” system that saves on supplies, time and effort, and postage. Minimize your time stuffing envelopes at the end of the month and maximize your time serving your customers.


Are you heavy on deliveries? We’ve got you covered there too. The Positrak Pro Mobile app allows you to collect signatures on deliveries using your phone or tablet. Check out this article on Pro Mobile:


Signature capture can be added to your account for as little as $15/month on your monthly support. There is a $10 base fee, plus $5 per sign pad. The typical setup is to have one at every billing station. There are two types of sign pads. The “standard” backlit signature pad currently costs $250 and the “economy” signature pad currently costs $150. Here is an article explaining the difference in the two: