Pro Add-on: Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is a great tool to streamline your production at point of sale. Let the scanner work for your counter people – they don’t have to learn line codes or those complicated chemical part numbers. You can also use scanning to check in your daily orders and do regular inventory updates. Here’s a little more info on using barcode scanning with Positrak Pro:

Point of Sale

At Point of Sale, you can scan parts to add to the invoice. Any time you scan a number, it populates at the bottom left with all the part info & pricing, and waits for you to preview before adding to the invoice. You don’t have to click into a certain position with the mouse first, it just automatically searches the part no matter where you’re at on the screen.

If you scan a number at POS that doesn’t have a barcode saved in the system, you can easily attach a barcode to that part right then. Just pull up the part manually, click “Edit Part,” and click “Add Barcode” on that screen. That will permanently tie that barcode to that part.

Checking in Stock Orders

You can use the scan tool to check in your daily stock orders. You scan each number in the tote to make a “pack slip” for the order, then the stock order system reconciles against that. The PO screen will highlight in red what you didn’t receive.

Inventory Updates

The scan tool is also a good way to do inventory updates. You can start a list with the “Part List Utility” in the inventory screen. You can scan a section of parts. Even if you don’t finish, you can save and come back to the list later. Or, you can scan and post that list as you go to apply those inventory corrections right then.


Barcode scanning can be added to your account for as little as $15/month on your monthly support. There is a $10 base fee, plus $5 per scanner. Scanner hardware varies but a wired scanner is around $140 and a wireless scanner around $250.