Positrak Pro: Electronic Signature Capture Support – New Model Added

PositrakPro supports electronic signature capture when billing to charge customers. Since 2 and 3-part invoices have gone away, electronic signature capture has become more and more necessary to the modern computing environment.

When a signature is captured, it is permanently stored with that invoice – and is on the original print, any reprint, and any emailed copy. This completes the “paperless office” loop and allows you to email signed copies of invoices to your customer. You can even include a copy of all invoices along with the statement at the end of the month.

As of Positrak Pro Version, we have added support for a new version of signature tablet. Both signature tablets are pictured below.

The TLBK-460 is a backlit version and is the higher quality of the two. The signature pad lights up when ready to be signed, the user signs and taps “OK” on the screen. The TS-460 is an economy version of the TLBK-460. It is not backlit, and it runs $100 less than the TLBK-460.