Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

Updates must be installed by Positrak Support.

  • Changed the Fleetguard rebate reporting template to match their requirements.
  • New multi-location features.
    • Added location display to both the Account lookup on-screen display and the bottom right corner of the printed invoice.
    • Added an option in preferences to force an invoice to be billed under the location assigned to an account.
    • Added the ability to edit a part for any location from the “View Other Locations” screen with a right click > Edit Part.
  • Several visual improvements in POS.
    • Added the Package Qty for parts to display at POS.
    • Modified the “Cash Only” checkbox display.
    • Added a display at POS and Inventory screen to indicate how often a part has been defected in the past 24 months.
    • Added a “Clear Invoice” button in POS at the top right as an alternative to the F2 + enter shortcut.
  • Fixed minor issue with the PartTrak screen that showed movement on cores and defects.
  • Fixed minor issue creating a Warehouse Return from a Zero Sales Report.
  • Created a “one-step” Supersede for superseding from one part to another.
  • Added support for Topaz TS460 model signature capture pad (non-backlit version of the TLBK460). Two versions of signature capture are now supported.
  • Fixed the sort order in the “Pay By Invoice” screen to sort by Invoice #. Previously, partial payments were stuck at the bottom.
  • Changed the right click > Edit Part function in the Purchase Order Menu (for both new orders and existing orders) to refresh the OH, Min, Max on the screen after changing.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.