Release Notes: Positrak Pro Version

Updates must be installed by Positrak support.

  • Added ability to add a barcode value on the same screen when adding a new part.
  • Added alternates inline display in the catalog. Can be turned off if desired with user preference.
  • Added signature to cash receipt printout, for those that use receipts for charge tickets as well.
  • Added checkbox in Review Charge Transactions to review by date range, also to show detailed aging at the time of the transaction.
  • Added email capability to the AR Report viewer, which will allow emailing on a lot of reports that didn’t that capability before.
  • Added price updating support for Factory Motor Parts to both the price updating menu and PriceTrak.
  • Added ability to update pricing on the fly after modifying price factors in the price updating menu, without going through a warehouse update.
  • Added a preview option when updating price files to see cost changes by percent difference.
  • Added stock check and order transmit capability with Federated “Group Link” and FMP via Neumonics.
  • New and improved model for Blockchyp integrated Credit Card processing.