Release Notes: Positrak Pro Version

  • Rebate Report updates: new Baldwin 2024 format, added ability to add rebate level and percentage to the report.
  • Price Updating major improvements.
    a. Changed pricing rules to allow combination of multiple rules (i.e. by subline AND cost range).
    b. Added ability to save update defaults by Line Code (i.e. update description Y/N, price fields Y/N, etc).
    c. Added the ability to store subline/subgroup names. These can be edited manually or updated from the pricing service.
    d. Added barcode update to PriceTrak. If enabled in Preferences, this will update UPCs if provided.
  • Purchase Order major improvements.
    a. Added a “Seasonal Order” PO Type.
    b. Added stock check to Manual PO screen.
    c. Stock check improvements on POs, that allow creating separate orders for different vendor locations.
    d. Added ability to search outstanding POs for a part in the PO Menu.
    e. Added a part search in the PO screen to search for parts on POs.
  • Added the ability to specify an account number when adding a new account.
  • Various minor updates or improvements.
    a. Added ability to set defaults on individual part label printing in the Inventory screen.
    b. Added ability to search hold/quote tickets by the notes field in Point of Sale.
    c. Item Alternates change to clean up/disallow duplicates.
    d. Added date range capability to the Invoice Summary Report.
    e. Improvements to Paid Outs, including the ability to define Paid Out Types.
  • Added Price Updating support for The Parts House.