Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

Updates must be installed by Positrak Support staff.

  • Added new Time Clock feature.
  • Added ability to require a “reason code” when making inventory adjustments. Default of 0 – Not Specified is used if reason code is not required. Added reason code to adjustments report. Must enable in Preferences.
  • Further improvement and support for the new catalog screen.
  • Added further support for House Hasson Hardware: ASN Posting, Pack Slip Post.
  • Added support for Orgill Hardware: Pack-slip Post, ASN Posting, Maintenance File Processing, PriceTrak and Price Updating support.
  • Added ability to apply pricing rules at the time of adding/editing the rule, added rounding to Pricing Rule application.
  • Added ability to view/delete individual barcodes by part in the Inventory Screen. Allows you to see all barcodes associated with a part #.
  • Other minor additions/changes:
    • a. Fixed display issue with the Account Notes Tooltip in Point of Sale.
    • b. Fixed a formatting issue with the Transaction Log export to Excel.
    • c. Cleaned up the PriceTrak error when an update file is not found on the FTP site.
    • d. Added the ability to do custom delivery options for Fisher.
    • e. Added GP% display to the Account Discounts screen.
    • f. Added Jobber/Ext Jobber to the Baldwin Rebate Report.
    • g. Added the ability to “lock” an account from billing.
  • Modifications to the Cash Receipt – added Notes and PO to the ticket, hidden if blank.
  • Added new form in the inventory screen to print single part labels with Dymo label printer, two different sizes supported.
  • Added features to the Labels report form, including ability to barcode scan into a manual list.