Inventory: Explanation of Inventory Fields

Inventory:  Explanation of Inventory Fields

Below is an explanation of the available inventory fields in PositrakPro.

  1.  Line Code – the Line Code for the selected part number.
  2.  Part Number – the part number.
  3.  Description – a description for the part.  This description is displayed to the customer on the invoice.
  4.  Part Note – a note for the part.  This is an internal note, it is not displayed to the customer on the invoice.
  5.  On Hand – the on hand quantity.
  6.  Min Stock – the minimum stocking quantity (also considered the re-order point).
  7.  Max Stock – the maximum stocking quantity, or what you’d like to keep on the shelf at most times.
  8.  Package Qty – the package quantity for parts sold in packages or boxes.
  9.  Min Order Qty – you can specify a minimum order quantity here for purchase orders.  It will use this field if the suggested order quantity on the PO is less.
  10.  Stocking Flag – this is the indicator that a part is stocking or non-stocking.  You can still do anything with a non stocking part that you can with a stocking part, but non stocking parts are excluded from normal reports and from purchase orders.
  11.  On Order/On Hold indicator – this indicator shows if the part is on a hold ticket or on a purchase order.  You can click on this label to get details.
  12.  Code – the subline code.  This is mostly specified by the distributor.
  13.  Mfr Class – the manufacturer’s movement classification.  This field is usually populated by price updating from warehouse distributors.
  14.  Local Class – a classification that the local store can use for various functions.
  15.  Bin Location – a free-form text field that can be used for various purposes, including indicating where the part is located in the store.
  16.  Break Qty – if not zero, the price fields will be divided by this number on a price update.  This is used for parts that are sold by the each but pricing is provided by the box/case/roll/etc.  Entering a number in this field will not change the prices immediately – you have to execute a price update to apply the price changes.
  17.  Divide Qty – similar to Break Qty – if not zero, the order quantity on a purchase order will be divided by this number when sent to a distributor.  PositrakPro always displays and sells by the each, but some distributors require ordering by the box/case/roll/etc.  For example, if you want to keep 10 feet of a particular hose in stock, your order quantity may be 120 (inches).  The distributor may need to see feet.  Putting a 12 in this field would divide the order quantity by 12 for an order amount at the distributor of 10.
  18.  Pricing Fields – all pricing fields – Cost, Jobber, Stk Dealer, Dealer, User, List, Core.
  19.  Average Cost and Average Cost Count – each time you receive a part on a PO, the average cost is figured to give an average replacement cost that you’ve paid over time.  The Count is the number of times it’s been averaged.
  20.  Allow Price Update – when checked, the part will be updated via price updating.  If not, it will be ignored.
  21.  Never Taxable – never apply tax to this part.
  22.  Always Taxable – always apply tax to this part.