PositrakPro – 5 Features You May Not Know About

Here are a few features that have been added in PositrakPro in the past 6 months that you may not know about:

  1.  Brand new Part Interchange with 4X the coverage.  The new interchange is also integrated with inventory.  You can double-click from the interchange screen to add to the invoice.
  2. “Pack-Slip Post” has been enabled for both Auto Plus and Parts Central.  This allows you to hit a button in the Edit PO screen that will automatically reconcile your PO with packing slips that the warehouse publishes, so you don’t have to manually edit your order.
  3.  Automatic End-of-Days have been enabled.  We can set your end of day to run at a specific time each day.
  4.  Added the ability to do a “Paid-Out” – this allows you to record when you take money out of the cash drawer so that your end of day reflects the correct cash drawer balance.  You can record a paid-out with the F11 key at POS.
  5.  You can now use the Transaction Search in POS to search Hold Tickets.  If you need to search for a line item on a hold ticket, you can use a “-1” in the invoice number field to narrow down to hold tickets only.

Give us a call if you have any questions regarding how to use any of these new features.