Accounts: Explanation of A/R Fields

Accounts:  Explanation of A/R Fields

Below is an explanation of the accounting fields available in PositrakPro.

  1.  Account Name – account or company name.
  2. Contact Name – the contact at the account.
  3. Address – Street1, Street2, City, State, Zip
  4. Phone and Alternate Phone
  5. Email – account email address.  Can use multiple emails separated by commas.
  6. Location – for multi-store systems, this is where you can assign accounts to certain locations.
  7. Classification – you can assign a user-defined classification.  Used for certain reporting functions.  Classifications can be defined in Preferences
  8. Payment Terms – you can assign user-defined payment term.  Payment terms can be defined in Preferences.
  9. Sales Rep – you can define an outside sales rep to an account.  Sales reps are defined in Preferences.
  10. Price Model – you can define price models for accounts, which serve as pricing “templates.”  For more on this, see article Account Pricing Structures in PositrakPro.
  11. Credit Limit – define the credit limit here for charge accounts.  Zero means no limit.
  12. Running PO – a P.O. prefix.
  13. Tax ID – Tax Identification Number.
  14. Utility Code – used for various account grouping and reporting functions.
  15. Rebate Code – used for rebate accounting.
  16. Rebate ID – also used for rebate accounting.
  17. Tax – tax status.
  18. Print Copies – the number of invoice copies to print at POS.  Can be any number 0+.
  19. Invoice Discount – if more than zero, the amount specified will be discounted off of every invoice billed.
  20. Ageing – can be used for printing interim statements for weekly accounts.
  21. List Factor – used for modifying the POS List price.  If anything other than 1, the list price will be factored from cost using that specified factor.
  22. Print Statement – check if the account prefers a printed statement.
  23. Email Statement – check if the account prefers an emailed statement.
  24. Email Invoices – this option will email a copy of the invoice at the time of billing.
  25. Cash Only – if checked, the account is not a charge account.
  26. Add Service Charge – if checked, service charge will be added to the account if past due.
  27. Enable Saved Cars – this option saves vehicles to the account when using the catalog.  The vehicle will be stored.  When going to the catalog, it will prompt you, asking if you want to use a previously saved vehicle.
  28. Balance Forward – this is the switch between balance forward and open item accounting.  This must be changed by Positrak support.
  29. Require Signature – for charge accounts, this will require an electronic signature when billing at POS (if using electronic signature capture).
  30. Require PO – this will require a purchase order when billing at POS.
  31. Include Invoices with Statement – this will include a copy of invoices with the customer statement, whether printed or emailed.