Account Pricing Structures in PositrakPro

This article explains pricing structures and how you can set up pricing plans for customers.

You can modify pricing plans from POS by entering the account# + D at the account # field, or in the AR screen by hitting the “Discounts” button at the top.

One thing to consider is what we call price models.  A price model is just an account that has a specific pricing plan that can be used as a model for other accounts.  You can build a handful of models and assign customers to those models (in the AR screen).  This way, when you want to modify pricing, you only have to do so on a handful of model accounts, rather than all accounts.  You can modify model accounts just as you can modify normal accounts.


To begin, every account has a Default Price Level and Factor.  This is the price that will be charged if there are no exceptions such as line discounts, price breaks, or others.

Next, line exceptions are considered.  Models take precedence – if the account has a price model, those line discounts are considered first.  The account can have exceptions from the model – those will override the model if they exist.

Next up is Forced Pricing.  This allows you to force a price or gross profit percentage to a part by account or by all accounts.  If a part has a forced price, it will override a line discount.

Finally, there are price breaks.  You can add a price break to a part that will apply when the specified quantity is sold.  This will override forced pricing and line discounts.

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