“Saved” Reports

PositrakPro has a feature called “Saved Reports” which allow you to set up certain reports to run at various intervals:

  1. Daily – runs with every end of day
  2. Monthly – runs with every end of month
  3. Scheduled – runs on a daily schedule after hours
  4. On Demand – not scheduled

Saved reports are normally set up by Positrak support, so give us a call if you’d like to add a specific report to be run on a schedule.

The following reports can be set up to run with Saved Reports:

  1.  Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)
  2. AR Aging Report
  3. AR Sales Analysis
  4. Line Sales Analysis
  5. Various Sales Reporting (Epicor Data Warehouse, Parker Hannifin, Tri-States Warehouse Reporting)
  6. Parts Distribution Report
  7. Custom reports/functions
  8. Rebate Report
  9. End of Day Closeout
  10. Cloud Backup
  11. Negative On-Hand Report
  12. Parts Sold Report