Automated Rebate Reporting Setup

This article covers the setup for automated rebate reporting for Wix and other manufacturers.

Note: This task should be completed by Positrak Support.

The monthly rebate reporting can be automatically submitted to the manufacturer as part of the month end process.  To do so, please follow the instructions below.

  1.  For each qualifying account, the “Rebate ID” field must be populated.  For Wix, this is the account’s Registration number.  This is what tells the account’s transactions to appear on the rebate report.  Even if they have qualifying transactions, they will be excluded from the report unless the Rebate ID is populated.  Pad with zeros to 6 digits.
  2.  Create a new Supplier in the PO System and name it “Rebate Reporting.”  Populate the email address with the email that you want to deliver the report to.  For Wix, the email is [email protected].  It’s a good idea to include the customer email as well – you can add more emails by separating with a comma.
  3.  Add a “Saved Report” in the reports menu.  Choose Rebate Report from the type.  Choose Monthly for the frequency.  For Delivery, choose Email and then select the new supplier that you just created.  There is also a parameter that gives the option to print Y/N.
  4.  In Preferences > End of Day Preferences > 2 – Customize End of Day/Month reports, make sure “Monthly Saved Reports” is checked.
  5.  In the AR screen, go to Rebate Setup on the left.  In the bottom section of that screen, choose “Add Auto Rebate.”  Enter the line code, the Warehouse account # with the manufacturer, and the Jobber’s account # with the Manufacturer.  Pad with zeros to 6 digits for both fields.  You must also select the manufacturer from the drop down list.

The rebate report is now set up to submit automatically by email along with the end of month closeout.

Note: If you need to submit previous months – you must use the “Print/Reprint End of Month Reports” option in the End of Day menu. Choose the month that you want to submit the file for. On the following screen, uncheck everything but the “Saved Reports” so that the other reports don’t get generated.

Screen Shots: