Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

***PositrakPro Release Ver***

1. Minor change to Warehouse Returns Cores report.
2. Fixed an issue with voiding invoices.
3. New Catalog interface changes.
a. Enhanced font size and color coding.
b. New "Base Model" lookup (can be enabled/disabled in Preferences).
c. Added option to enable "Base Model" lookup for individual workstations with the "Local Settings" file.
d. Enhanced the "Submit Catalog Feedback" feature.
e. Enabled new Interchange screen.
4. Minor fix with the Forecast Demand Purchase Order.
5. Added new inventory field for ordering: "Order Divide Qty" which - if populated - will divide the order qty on a PO by that amount when sending to the supplier.
6. Added a new Tender Type for receiving payments: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
7. Added the "Round to 5s and 9s" Feature to PriceTrak.
8. Added an option in the Edit PO screen to remove all zeroed numbers off of a purchase order.
9. Added new "Price Factors Report" in the Price Updating Menu.

NOTE:  Your software should only be updated by Positrak support.  Please call us to schedule an update.