POS Shortcuts

Below is a complete list of POS Shortcuts.

Function Key Shortcuts:

F1:  Brings up the account list.  You can also type the first few letters in the account number field and then hit F1.

F2 + Enter:  Cancels the current invoice and starts with a new one.

F3:  Jumps down to the part number field.

F4:  Brings up the Modify Catalog Lines and translation screen.

F5:  Opens the part search screen to find a part by a search term (this will search both part number and description.

F6:  Do a Freight sale.

F8:  Do a Labor sale.

F10:  Jump to the Finalize button (press again to finalize).

F11:  Record a Paid-Out.

F12:  Do a Manual Sale.

Insert:  Add a line-item comment to the invoice.

From the Account# Field:

Account# + T:  View Account Transactions.

Account# + C:  View Account Cores.

Account# + D:  View/Modify Pricing Structure.

Account# + H:  Opens the Transaction search with the entered account pre-selected.

Account# + N:  Opens Account Notes screen.

From the Sell Qty Field:

Sell Qty + P:  To sell a part only that has a core value (does the exchange).

Sell Qty + C:  To do a core return (-1C).

Sell Qty + D:  To defect a part (-1D to refund money, 1D to exchange the part).

Sell Qty + H:  Opens the transaction search with the entered part number pre-selected (and an account if specified as well).

Sell Qty + B:  Do a buyout (add to invoice without affecting inventory).

Sell Qty + R:  Do a percentage sale.  This can be used in conjunction with a particular part number to do either a discount (use a negative sell qty) or a restock fee (use a positive sell qty).

A:  Opens the Adjustment log screen with the current part pre-selected.

E:  Opens the Edit Part screen.

I:  Opens the part information screen that allows you to modify Alternates, Tag Parts, Forced Pricing, Price Breaks, and Part Aliases.

Sell Qty + K:  Opens the Kit builder, which allows you to build a “kit” with a parent part number.

L + fractional labor hours:  To calculate labor based on a labor rate stored in Preferences.  Example “2.5L” will calculate 2.5 hours of labor X the labor rate.

S + a discount percentage:  Allows you to discount the current sale price by desired percentage.  For example, “S10” then enter will discount the current sale price by 10%.

T:  Opens up PartTrak – to show movement on the selected part (part must be selected first).

X:  Brings up the historical transaction search, which allows you to search transaction history from a previous system (if available).

Z:  Enter a desired percent profit plus “Z” and it will price it at that GP.  Ex:  “40Z” will price the part at 40% GP.