New Positrak Feature: Credit Card Integration

Positrak is excited to announce our latest feature release – integrated credit card processing with Positrak Pro. This new feature is available in Positrak Pro version 2062 with two trusted processing companies – Square and Blockchyp.

Stop fussing with separate terminals and eliminate all manual entry. When billing an invoice, simply choose the credit card option in the “amount tendered” section. The connected terminal will light up, collect payment from the customer, and finalize the invoice. Credit card receipt details are stored permanently with (and printed on) the invoice, so there’s no separate credit card receipt to keep up with.

The customer never has to hand you their card, they retain possession the entire time. Both Square and Blockchyp also accept Apple and Google Pay, allowing customers to pay with their phone and other devices.

You don’t have to worry about selecting the wrong tender type or the wrong card type when invoicing, which would throw off your end of day reporting. Since it’s fully integrated, the correct tender type is automatically selected, and your end of day is guaranteed accurate.

Multiple workstations can be paired with a single terminal, or you can have a terminal at each station if you choose. Blockchyp terminals also offer a double purpose. They have the ability to capture signatures for your charge invoices. If you currently use signature capture, a single Blockchyp terminal can eliminate multiple Topaz sign pads.

Processing rates are competitive with both companies, and as always – optional features with Positrak are offered at nominal monthly fees. While our competitors offer integrated credit card processing for 5+ thousand dollars in initial costs and over $100/month, this feature with Positrak is offered at the terminal cost (currently $499 for Blockchyp, $299 for Square) and just $20/month added to your support bill for your first terminal. Extra terminals are an additional $10/month per device.

Give us a call today to learn more about Integrated Credit Card Processing with Positrak Pro.


As of Positrak Pro version 2064, several new features are available with Blockchyp:

1 – Save card on file: You can now save card(s) on file for accounts in Positrak for future processing.

2 – Non-Integration processing: If you have another business outside of Positrak, we now provide an on-screen terminal for non-integrated processing.

Give us a call today to learn more about these new features.