Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

Updates must be installed by Positrak Support

  • New Purchase Order System features:
    a. Added the ability to add alternate line codes to suppliers broken down by subline.
    b. Added the ability to add lines to supplier map broken down by subline.
    c. Added the ability to import a PO from a CSV file, in the Create PO screen.
    d. Added the ability to import a Warehouse Return from a CSV file, in the Warehouse Returns menu.
    e. Added the ability to send a PO to another Positrak system from the PO system.
    f. Added the ability to do an “Offsetting Order” in the PO system, which generates a top numbers order by line.
    g. Made the Purchase Order Log a printable report.

  • Added an email check before sending statements to verify that the email is working before trying to email statements.

  • Enhanced the receipt printer format: enlarged size, added salesman name, added ability to reprint to the receipt printer rather than to the large format paper.
  • Added the ability to print a 3/4″ X 2″ barcode label to a Dymo Label printer. If certain products don’t have a barcode for scanning, you can generate and print labels for them.
  • Added content to the daily Invoice Register Report: core and freight total per invoice.

  • Added content to the Salesman Report: Average GP%.

  • Added functionality to save the selected Delivery Code to POs when saving a stock check order, to have for later reference.
  • Changes to the Labels Report:
    a. Added a date range filter to the Labels report to be able to select recent price changes only.
    b. Added feature to look at account pricing.
    c. Added the ability to export to CSV.
  • Modifications in Stock Check, including optimization for Auto Plus.

  • Added a “Prompt for Cash or Charge” option for accounts for use in Point of Sale.

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