Release Notes: Positrak Pro Version

What’s New in Positrak Pro 2068

  1. New Catalog Features:
    • New “Quick Select” menu for popular parts based on vehicle.
    • Color coded On Hand field for alternate catalog results when on hand > 0.
    • Display order added to thumbnails based on orientation.
    • Interchange history is now saved.
  1. Accounts Receivable Improvements:
    • Making a payment now shows the calculated balance when finalizing.
    • Reprinting ROAs will include the balance at the time of the ROA.
    • New Aging Adjustment option is now available in the Account Adjustment screen.
    • Added ability to balance a “Balance Forward” account and change it to “Pay by Invoice” from the AR menu.
    • Added “Net Payment” reference when applying ROAs, to show the total payment after discounts.
  1. Added stock check and ordering with Keystone Parts.
  2. Added “Date of Last Price Change” field to Parts, to record actual price changes.
  1. Added a saved email list feature when sending reports. Email address are added as you send reports and saved emails will be suggested as you type.
  1. Added factor “split” button and ability to specify factors in Inventory screen, to match Add/Edit part forms.

  1. New User Preferences:
    • Added new User Preference for printing statements with credit balances.
    • Added user preference for adding alternate parts conversely.
    • Added the ability to add custom reason codes for inventory adjustments in Preferences > Inventory.
    • Added function in Preferences to restore a deleted account.
  2. Added tender reference to the Invoice Register (Cash: card/check/cash).
  3. Added “Add Part” button to the Edit PO screen, fixed some minor display issues in Manual PO screen.
  4. New WD Return type – “Full Line Return.”
  5. Added “stock” option for Federated Group Link mechanism purchase orders.
  6. Added site filter to Aging Reports and sort default preference for numeric/alpha (for multi-store configurations).
  7. Added catch on the invoice print function to catch invalid printer setting error.
  8. Added Saved Report/Account Aging Report to end of month email routine.
  9. For the “Create PO Record for Buy-Out” Preference, made the supplier name show in the description on the invoice for reference.
  10. Improvements to the Account Sales Comparison screen/report. Added a saved report for it as well to run as a scheduled report.
  11. Added feature to generate a barcode if a product doesn’t have one, using the unique Item Id.
  12. Added Split Buttons in PO Screen for Email/Export to XLSX/CSV.
  13. Added export to Excel for the Backorder Report.
  14. Added edit Time Clock punch features.
  15. New “Merge Like Numbers” feature in Changeover screen.
  16. Added location filter to the reprint invoice screen (for multi-store configurations).
  17. Added Price Factor Name to the Price Factor Report.
  18. Added “Pack-slip Post” feature with Warehouse Inc.
  19. Added Quickbooks export feature.
  1. Menu reconstruction in AR, Inventory, Reports, Price Updating Menus to allow for more options.
  2. Modified the Alts/Tags/Etc form. Condensed several screens into one.
  1. Backorder Y/N option is now per supplier, rather than a global option in Preferences.
  2. Price calculation adjustments:
    • Price rounding is now available on factored pricing (account discounts, “Cost+” pricing), using the same rounding settings applied on price updates (by line or globally).
    • Default Price Level and List Factor now use the model settings, if a model is specified.
    • Added note in Account Discounts screen specifying the model settings, if a model is specified.
  1. Scan List improvements – you can create scan lists for receiving, then use “Pack-slip Post” to post the PO from that scan list. Scan lists are saved
  2. Enhancements to the Weekly Statement process, including the ability to automate the weekly process with a saved report.
  3. Changed the “Bin Location” field to be inventory/location-specific.
  4. Consolidated Pick Ticket format and added an option in Preferences to include additional info (pricing, etc.).
  5. Modified the historical transaction search to look within the PO and part # field, for partial searches.
  6. Locked “Delete Hold Ticket” behind the “Void Invoice” permission.
  7. Integrated Credit Card Processing Changes.
    • Removed card on file option when refunding to avoid conflicts.
    • Reworded messaging when refunding to better explain an original invoice is needed.
    • Added warning when using the non-integrated credit card tender if there are any active integrations, even if the station is not set to use the terminal.
  8. Dressed up Catalog Preferences screen.
  9. Enhancements to the “Account Sales Comparison” report, including the ability to automate the report and email on a weekly/monthly basis.
  1. Fixed issue with Line Sales Analysis that showed MTD for both MTD and YTD columns.
  2. Fixed issue that updated the Date Last Received even if a part was backordered.
  3. Fixed amount tendered issue that defaulted from EFT to cash.
  4. Fixed issue with “auto add to invoice from barcode scan” feature that didn’t add a tag item, if present.
  5. Fixed issue with part search on Manual PO form.
  6. Updated employee selection on POS form when an employee is required and not selected.
  7. Price Update Fixes.
    • Fixed issue where price rules didn’t apply correctly when ran from the Price Rules menu form.
    • Fixed PriceTrak where it was updating subline names incorrectly.
    • Fixed new default primary factors to use published prices instead of generic markup values.
    • Added option to use a ‘0’ value in pricing rules.
  8. Fixed 10-digit barcode handling.

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