Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

Updates must be installed by Positrak Support staff.

  • Substantial “behind the scenes” improvements in Point of Sale and other screens. There have been substantial improvements in lookup time for both catalog and interchanges, and the restriction has been lifted for large interchange lookups that exceeded a certain number of parts.
  • Price Break restriction has been lifted, you can now add more than one price break per part.
  • Made Point of Sale immediately look up a newly added account.
  • Added the ability to print an invoice for account adjustments and manual service charges when doing those from the AR Screen. There is a Y/N prompt.
  • Added the ability to factor from cost up on a manual sale instead of just from sell price.
  • Enhanced the Manual PO screen. Added order totals, core column, and an Add Part and Part Search functions.
  • Added a “Factor” button in the Inventory Screen for when cost is changed. You can store price factors in the Price Updating menu and it will use those to re-factor sell prices.
  • Added a sort button on the Transaction Log screen to sort the account list by either alphabetical or numerical order.
  • Added the ability to use a scanned list for “Pack Slip Post” when receiving a PO. Use the “Part List Utility” in the inventory screen to create a pack slip from barcode scanning. Then, you can receive the PO by clicking “Pack Slip Post” in the Edit PO screen to reconcile against that list. This helps when you are receiving stock orders from multiple locations that are mixed together.

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