Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

  1. Fixed minor issue with PO Posting report.
  2. Fixed minor issue with Core Returns report.
  3. Added ability to manually add a part to the Warehouse Returns – 30 Day Overstock report.
  4. Minor enhancements to the report generator.
  5. Fixed minor issue with Interchange – not being able to find inventory on a part with a dash. Also removed the old interchange screen.
  6. Changed the “forced pricing” function in POS to record the transaction cost based on a promo cost (if stored/loaded).
    Also set a label to display in Inventory, Stock Check, and Quick Edit if a promo cost is loaded.
  7. Added the ability to email the Transaction Log report.
  8. Added total cores proccesed to the End of Day/Month/Year report.
  9. Fixed issue with Interchange in conjunction with catalog service where the Mfr Line Code wasn’t returned in the response, sometimes causing the local inventory lookup not to work.
  10. Added the ability to process Aircore price files via FTP process.
  11. Added the ability to automatically apply a partial payment for a credit when paying by invoice if the paid amount is more than the selected invoices.
  12. Added new catalog feature in conjunction with catalog service update: Fluid Capacities & Specifications.
  13. Removed the option for Traditional or One-Step month end from the End of Day Menu, and moved that option into Preferences. Set the default to One-Step.

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