Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

Updates must be installed by Positrak Support.

***PositrakPro Release Ver***

1. Improved the Interim Statements function with a Weekly Close option that will simplify printing statements for weekly accounts.
2. Added an AR Defaults screen in Preferences to set certain defaults for adding accounts. At this time only “Balance Forward” is an option to set.
3. Added ability to track PO purchase total on End of Day reports.
4. Added core value to Warehouse Return Reports.
5. Added an “All Lines” checkbox to the labels report, so that coded parts across all lines could be added to the labels report.
6. Added a security role to control access to the Invoice Options in POS.
7. Added an option in saved reports along with the report scheduler to automatically close the month. The saved report must be deleted and re-added before it will work.
8. Added a highlight color to the Part Note field, to draw attention to that field if the selected part has a note.
9. Changed the account “List Factor” to be based on sale price, rather than cost.
10. Added a color coding option in POS to highlight GP% to indicate if the percentage is high or low. Can be enabled/disabled in Preferences.

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