Release Notes: Positrak Pro Ver

***PositrakPro Release Ver***

1. PriceTrak changes to accommodate updating from file. Added ability to run a single line code - right click in the Price Update Config screen.
2. Added three new inventory fields.
a. Added "Breakdown Qty" field in inventory that will be used (if populated) to divide pricing on a price update (by the inch, box qty, etc.).
b. Added "Min Order Qty" field that the PO system will order if a minimum qty is specified (only applies to generated orders at this time - not manual orders).
c. Added "Part Always Taxable" option.
3. Fixed issue with blank spaces in the notes field on invoices that would cause an invoice to spill over into a 2nd page.
4. Added a secondary sort in the catalog results to keep brands together within each group (parts with OH, parts out of stock, NS parts).
5. Added two new Saved Reports: Negative On Hand, Parts Sold report.
6. Added Salesman name to the Daily Charge Transaction Report.
7. Added Salesman name to the Payment Report.
8. Fixed issue with tax status "Inquire" that wouldn't work on a core return.
9. Added POS feature to limit the number of hold tickets that each counterperson can create.

NOTE: Your software should only be updated by Positrak support. Please call us to schedule an update.

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