PositrakPro: Compatibility With 3rd-Party Applications

Did you know: PositrakPro is compatible with many third-party applications?  Depending on your supplier, you can use either the Alliance’s My Place for Parts or WHI’s Nexpart for B2B connectivity with your PositrakPro system.

Once you’re set up with the Alliance or WHI, you can give your service dealers website logins that allow them to look up parts, pricing, and availability, and place orders directly to your system. This means your service dealers can provide better service to their customers by pricing jobs more quickly and efficiently, even while they have them on the phone.

Through both of these channels, the same functionality is available from within the most popular Shop Management Systems (SMS) -AllData, R.O. Writer, and Mitchell1. This means that the service dealer’s ticketing system interacts with the catalog and parts from these applications, allowing them to add parts to the shop ticket and place orders to your Positrak directly from their SMS software.

This is valuable technology that can make a drastic improvement in your workflow. It allows you to compete with the “retailers” who are sure to be offering the same level of interaction to your customers.

And for the win: there is no additional cost from Positrak for this integration. It’s already included in your standard support rate. Give us a call today to get information on how to get started.

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